Game of Thrones Episode Five Recap

The story this week….

Here’s your recap from HBO, but please, allow me to assist…

Please read the following, aloud, and in a British affectation of some sort.

Starks went to Kings Landing, and all things withstanding, are lucky to be yet alive. With Ned always questioning his king’s constant bed-meddling, finding two children that thrive. One is a bastard son, unknown to anyone. Talented blacksmith is he. The other a whore-born girl, mom alone in the world, wanting the king to come see.

Kate’s got a prisoner dwarf, and they will travel forth, to her sister insane in her keep. Tyrion’s now in his cell, he has not done so well as Cerce who plots and weaves schemes. Jamie is mad at Ned, whom he would soon see dead, if his good brother’s not freed. King Robert’s alone, no warmth from his throne, or his hand, or his loving wife’s greed.

This show is now in it’s zone, all of the character’s shown, at least so far as we know. But one thing I’m sure about, there’ll be no tiny doubt, this baby ain’t close to full grown. We’re nearing a path of big change, all things get rearranged, and you’ll be HOOKED on this show!

Well, I am out of rhymes. I cherish these special times, and I do hope this isn’t my peak. The season’s got seven left, can’t wait to see the rest, and you, I will talk to next week!

Thanks for stopping by, and have a look at next week’s preview!

Mr. Smith


About Mr. Smith

Mr. Smith is an actor, playwright, sculptor, craftsman, and fan of the oxford comma.
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One Response to Game of Thrones Episode Five Recap

  1. Robin says:

    Bravo! This poem is well done!
    The series sure sounds lots of fun!
    But it’s on HBO –
    I don’t get that, you know,
    So I’ll wait for the dvd, son.

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