GoT Episode 2 recap?

The brutality is becoming clear. This world is bloody. Not just bloody. BRUTALLY BLOODY.

And I think that’s pretty sweet. Like these guys…

So cute together!

This is the second episode. Last week Jamie, caught red-fannied and mid-coitus with his own sister, kicks a little boy out of a tower window, saying, “The things I do for love.”

This week, The Hound rode down a butcher’s son to please his prince, who, by the way, is also a bad, bad boy. Lots of other stuff happened too, and it was all equally grusome and delicious to watch. The character development, by the way, is blowing my mind. Wonderful performances. So subtle. So…

In fact, rather than read me reckon what a dozen other mysterious dorks on the interwebs reckon, use your kick-ass video card to check this out:

Game of Thrones: The Kings Road Recap

Oooooh Yeah. Bran wakes up. Or is it Rickon? I think it’s Bran. See what I mean? I spoke about it last week here. This stuff’s hard to keep track of.

No dream sequence with a crow either. I was okay with that. I think it wouldn’t have served the story well to interrupt the flow with a trippy talking bird teaching Bran to fly. Oh. If you haven’t read the book, that’s something you missed. The other way they handled it was pretty awesome, and sets up something very cool that starts to happen later on. I reckon.

This show is doing wonderful things for my general outlook. Especially after all the softball by comparison Marvel movies coming out. But that’s another post. Another time. Maybe.

Mr. Smith


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